Abaya is clothing most regularly utilized by Muslim ladies. It is the most embraced dress by Muslim ladies on the planet because of its conventional and social worth. Wearing abaya or hijab is to cover the body with free and dim garments so the ladies look conscious and elegant. By and large, the abaya is good with a shroud. Although the majority of the abayas are black, clients can even get them in grovel, white, beige, and in more colors from Waseef.pk.

Ladies in Asian nations respect conventional things. Such clothing is regarded and acknowledged around the world. Abaya is likewise called an aba, is an over-piece of clothing which is worn by Muslims. Abaya generally comes in changed various examples out of which dark-hued and black ones are customary Abaya.

Prior abayas were basic and were discovered distinctly in dark shading yet now in-universe of modest design and excitement the exquisite and in vogue assortment is there. They are enormous and hung from shoulders or head. It covers the entire body separated from the head, feet, and hands. It is
additionally worn with the niqab, which covers the face aside from eyes. And we are working day and night to bring the most creative abayas for our valuable customers.


There are a few factors that a lady ought to consider when purchasing an abaya the texture, the shades, and the plan. There are various models present in the business sectors from which ladies can pick their preferred one. In any case, it is an exceptionally frenzied undertaking to stroll around the market to locate your preferred outfit. Here we come in the image, we have the most organized collection of abayas including all of its types, colors, fabrics, and sizes.

Abaya is made in various articles of clothing in various nations. In Saudi Arabia, you will see black abaya, and then again in Turkey, you will see brilliant colors of the abaya. There are a few sorts of abaya which are as per the following, we possess.

The closed foot length gowns

These are the loose foot length gowns with no front buttons and plus point is you don’t have to wear matching pants with it. It is very convenient and we cater to our customers with the best gowns in town.

Front open gowns and knee-length coats

We have a wide range of these gowns and coats in various colors defining your taste. These come with open front styled with stylish buttons to lock the front. These are mostly worn by youth as they are modish and contemporary. You can style it with matching pants or jeans having joggers or sneakers at
your foot to complete your style.

The cardi abaya

The cardi abaya has no front catches at the front. It accompanies a belt. It is one of the advanced structures. You have to wear a top and gasp on this kind of abaya.

Floor style abayas

These are specially designed for royalties. Its farshi look gives you an elegant royal look. We have a wide range which comprises of pastel and tender colors to define your fantabulous royal look.

Denim coats

Denim coats are nowadays top trending all other abayas. We have an extensive range of denim abayas in black, light, and dark blue, grey, and more denim colors which will complete your modish style radiating cool vibes.


At the point when great deeds are finished with covering like burqa or abaya or kaftan, it has more an incentive in Islam. This demonstrates your compliance to God Almighty. A portion of the advantages of wearing a burqa are:

Insurance from male irritation: Burqa yells to the men with vulgar eyes to remain away and keep their uninvolved! It conveys an unmistakable message that her body and her excellence are just for her significant other and no man can even incorrectly envision her.

Set aside cash as well! Yes, you read it right. At the point when you are going to cover yourself with an external article of clothing, you don't need to spend a great deal on smart popular garments. You can dress in a basic manner and wear a burqa on top.

The sentiment of security: When a lady wears a hijab she feels shielded from all the evil of the world. She is in her protected world and near God. She is named as unadulterated and honorable as well. It additionally shows that she is unobtrusive and keeps God in the lead position consistently.

Cleanliness purposes: People these days need to wear a veil to cover their faces from the contamination or residue from outside. This will help in forestalling undesirable contaminations. With Burqa, the lady is likewise shielded from sicknesses that perhaps caused because of contamination or residue noticeable all around.

Medical advantage: Medical reports show that practically 60% of the warmth from our body is lost through our head. So wearing a burqa during winters will assist with keeping the body heat from being lost and keep us sound.

Tresses dealt with: Your beautiful long hair can be gotten sound when far from contamination. The burqa helps in keeping your locks sound and sparkling when it is secured. Indeed, even direct daylight can harm your hair, so wearing a burqa comes as salvage too many.

Getaway from the brutal sunbeams: When secured with burqa your skin remains sound as there is no introduction to the destructive beams. Your skin doesn’t get tanned or sun consumed. It additionally stays wrinkle-free and smooth and bolts the dampness inside.


We are a store, where quality is never to be undermined and assortment never appears to end. Including staggering originator abaya's assortments, we have a wide range of lovely ethnic abayas and hijabs at the showcase for you. From easygoing, plain abayas, wrap and ribbon abayas, to weaved, Hajj and Umrah abayas, and so on and we have it! That as well as you can likewise locate some astounding design items that assist you with upgrading your style including hijab embellishments.